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Windsor Arch 55th Macau Grand Prix 第55屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車 (第55届澳门格兰披治大赛车)

55th Macau Grand Prix


City of Dreams Macau GP 2008 FIA World Touring Car Championship races - with Matthew Marsh

13rd Nov
The Italian Edoardo Mortara secured the provisional pole position for the Windsor Arch F3 Macau Grand Prix. He had been fastest in the morning practice first qualifying session. But his car was damaged because he could not avoid hitting the stranded car of Masaki Matsushita. Mortara could not hide his frustration at the incident and said he was really disappointing. Japanese F3 champion Carlo van Dam was the second fastest. Roberto Streit, from Raikkonen Robertson Racing set the third best time.

The 35 year old British roadracer Michael Rutter, claiming provisional pole in the first qualifying around at the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix.

BMW’s Augusto Farfus topped the times during the pre-event testing session for the FIA World Touring Car Championship title. He set the fastest time on his final lap, and posted a time of 2min 33.624sec.

14th Nov
The 22 year old Manx road racer Conor Cummins from the Team of Paris AIM Racing Yamaha 1000, grabbed pole position for the 42nd running of the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix. Michael Rutter came second fastest on the Discover Ireland NW200 Ducati 1200. He is just under half a second slower than his rival. Australian Cameron Donald from Relentless Suzuki by TAS was third fastest.

The BMW driver Augusto Farfus followed up his fastest time from Thursday’s test session for the final round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship. His teammate Jorg Muller came with the 2nd fastest, who had been fastest in the early stages of the session. Alan Menu ranked third after Augusto Farfus and Jorg Muller.

The Signature Plus driver Edoardo Mortara maintained his position in the Windsor Arch Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix, he has been quickest in every session so far. His closest rival was TOM’S driver Carlo van Dam, who ended the session just 0.117 seconds behind. Italian Kei Cozzolino was 3rd fastest for the Now Motor Sports team.

Chevrolet’s Alain Menu secured pole position in the FIA World Touring Car Championship. He posted a stunning time of 2min 30.285secs in this race. “As for Sunday's race, I will try everything to win it like last year.”, said Alain Menu.

15th Nov
Team Jebsen driver Darryl O’Young securing pole position in his Porsche 997 GT3 for the Windsor Arch Macau GT Cup. With an impressive time of 2:27.110, he was more than 2 seconds faster than Briton Danny Watts who is also in a Porsche 997 GT3. Japanese Keita Sawa came third in his Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. Macanese driver Rodolfo Avila in a Ferrari F430 GT3 qualified fourth in this race. “I think I can fight for third place and I think that I can get a podium for Macau.” Rodolfo Avila said.

The Signature Plus driver Edoardo Mortara will start on pole position after winning today qualification race in the Windsor Arch Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix. He opened up a gap of more than 2 seconds between his rival Keisuke Kunimoto. The 3rd position went to Roberto Streit.

Macanese racer Chou Keng Kuan won the Hotel Fortuna MAC/HKG Interport 10 laps Race who drove a Honda Integra DC5. He led the race from start to finish. Second place also went to Honda Integra DC5 driver Filipe de Souza, who set a personal fastest lap of 2:49.934 seconds. Another Macanese racer Cielo Alves Diaz came third, with another Honda Integra DC5.

Local racer Sun Tit Fan took a victory in the Windsor Arch Macau Road Sport Challenge 10 laps Race, who drive a Mitsubishi EVO 9 and build up a 1:01.336 gap ahead to his rival Macanese driver Lei Chong Seng. Lei Chong Seng is also the Class B category winner in this race. Hong Kong driver Lam Wai Hung in a Nissan Skyline GTR-R34 went third. Macanese driver Lam Kam San, in his Honda S2000 won the Class C trophy in the race.

During the CTM Macau Touring Car 12 laps Race, Honda Integra DC5s dominated again this year at the race. Local driver Chan Man Fong, who finished fifth in last years’ CTM Cup, took the win in a time of 49:54.091. Eurico De Jesus was disqualified for his second position, and replacing local driver Mak Ka Lok to take the second position. Experienced veteran Hong Kong racer and team principal Lo Hung Pui, who wasn't able to finish the CTM Cup last year, finished third this year with a time of 50:04.264.

25 year old Scottish racer Stuart Easton, took his first ever Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix victory today on the Discover Ireland NW200 Ducati 1200. This ends six times winner Michael Rutter who aim to achieve a record-breaking seventh success by a 2.7 second margin. Australian Cameron Donald was forced to stop on lap five with a mechanical problem. John McGuinness on the Ventaxia UK Honda took the third position, he was almost 30 seconds behind Rutter.

16th Nov
Team Jebsen’s Darryl O’Young from Hong Kong won the inaugural Windsor Arch Macau GT Cup today, who dominated the race from the start and has now won at Macau three times. Briton Danny Watts who is also in a Porsche 997 GT3 finish second. Japanese Keita Sawa came third in his Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. But Rodolfo Avila of Macau was forced to retire mid way because of the mechanical problems mid-way through the 10-lap race.

Alain Menu claimed an overall victory for Chevrolet and win the title for the FIA World Touring Car Championship races. Alain Menu took a 14-points advantage over SEAT teammate Gabriele Tarquini. He secures the championship even through he just finish in 3rd place at the race today. Andy Priaulx finishing 0.523 seconds ahead of Rob Huff and finish in 2nd place.

Rob Huff delivered another victory for Chevrolet in the second FIA World Touring Car Championship race today, Newly crowned WTCC champion Yvan Muller finish second, ahead of outgoing champion Andy Priaulx who finish third.

第55屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車11月13日揭幕, 250多位來自全球最優秀的車手來自歐洲, 南美, 北歐, 中東, 亞洲和太平洋地區將再次雲集澳門, 一連4天比賽決定誰是當今最出色三級方程式車手。 參與各項賽事大部分戰車已於11月12日運抵賽車中心, 車隊正忙於組裝戰車准備練習賽及排位賽。 希望爭奪有利的出賽排位。

首次練習賽早上7時半開始, 上午安排不計時練習格蘭披治電單車大賽練習, 財神酒店港澳埠際賽練習, 首辦的澳門路車挑戰賽練習, 三級方程式練習和澳門電訊房車賽練習讓車手熟識賽道。 下午安排大賽車的三大重頭戲格電排位賽, 三級方程式排位賽和世界房車賽的試跑。

在三級方程式大賽排位賽中暫時排首位, 效力Signature Plus車隊的意大利車手莫他拿(Edoardo Mortara)說自己的成績較預期好, 相當滿意。 Edoardo Mortara在第一節排位賽跑出最快時間, 暫時獲得杆位。 他在最後一圈造出2分14.333秒的最佳圈速。 可惜他在這節排位賽最後階段遇到麻煩, 撞向一位對手並導致戰車損壞。 日本三級方程式錦標賽冠軍得主雲丹姆(Carlo van Dam)獲得第二名。 效力Raikkonen-Robertson Racing車隊的史積特(Robert Streit)排第三位。 同場唯一的澳門車手何漢強, 首日就只排第27名。

35歲英國電單車公路賽高手路達(Michael Rutter), 在格蘭披治電單車大賽排位賽第一節排位賽, 以2分28.156秒獲得第一名。

在國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽試跑賽, 寶馬車手法夫斯(Augusto Farfus)在這個環節造出最快時間, 他在最後一圈跑出全場最快圈速。

駕駛Team of Paris AIM Racing車隊躍馬1000電單車上場的22歲公路賽車手金明斯(Conor Cummins)今天刷新圈速紀錄, 勇奪第四十二屆澳門格蘭披治電單車大賽杆位。 他在這節排位賽比較星期四的首節排位賽快了4秒。 現年35歲, 以Discover Ireland NW200車隊Ducati 1200戰馬上陣的六屆澳門冠軍得主路達(Michael Rutter)排第二位。 路達(Michael Rutter)希望爭取破紀錄第七次勝出澳門格蘭披治電單車大賽。 澳洲車手當奴(Cameron Donald), 只落後路達(Michael Rutter)百分五秒獲得第三名。

在國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽壓軸大戰, 寶馬車手法夫斯(Augusto Farfus)繼於星期四的試跑造出最快圈速後, 今天再次在今天的最後一次練習跑出全場速度最快的車手。但是他的戰車在練習進行至一半的時候於葡京彎擦過圍欄曾擦過圍牆。 他的隊友約克‧梅拿(Jorg Muller)在這段時間晉升第一位, 可是法夫斯(Augusto Farfus)在練習將要結束時, 跑出更快的圈速成功重奪成績表第一位。 梅拿(Jorg Muller)及法夫斯(Augusto Farfus)先後在比賽最後階段跑出最快圈速, 兩位寶馬車手造出的時間只相差0.234秒。 雪佛蘭車手文奴(Alain Menu), 屈居梅拿之後排第三位。

效力Signature Plus車隊的莫他拿(Edoardo Mortara)領先其他車手, 繼續在練習環節跑出最快時間。 最接近莫他拿的車手是TOM’S車隊的雲丹姆(Carlo van Dam), 落後對手0.117秒。 Now Motor Sports車隊的意大利車手哥素連奴(Kei Cozzolino)跑出第三快的時間。

效力雪佛蘭車隊的文奴(Alain Menu), 勇奪國際汽聯世界房車Canon錦標賽收官大戰杆位。

捷成車隊車手歐陽若曦在新增的「名門世家」澳門GT盃練習環節中, 駕駛保時捷997 GT3 Cup跑車跑出最快時間, 圈速為2分30.212秒。 來自澳門的艾明達(Rodolfo Avila)駕駛法拉利F430 GT3以第六名完成練習。

駕駛保時捷997 GT3盃跑車捷成車隊的歐陽若曦, 在比賽初段便跑出最佳圈速。他將獲得明天舉行的「名門世家」澳門GT盃的杆位。 歐陽若曦跑出2分27.110秒, 快同樣以保時捷997 GT3 Cup跑車參賽第二位英國車手屈斯(Danny Watts)超過兩秒。 駕駛林寶堅尼Gallardo GT3參賽日本車手澤圭太獲第三名。 澳門車手艾明達(Rodolfo Avila), 以法拉利F430 GT3出戰排第四位。 他補充道:「我想我有能力爭奪第三名,代表澳門登上頒獎台。」

駕駛本田Integra DC5參賽的澳門車手曹勁均, 憑著完美無瑕的起跑連續第二年勇奪財神酒店澳門/香港埠際賽冠軍。 同樣以本田Integra DC5出賽的老將蘇沙排第6位發車, 獲得第二名。 另一名澳門車手迪亞士也是以本田Integra DC5上陣獲得季軍, 將澳門車手包辦這場埠際賽的三甲。

駕駛三菱EVO 9出賽的澳門車手孫鐵勳在「名門世家」澳門路車錦標賽, 他以1分01.336大勝對手。 杆位發車的澳門車手李松勝獲得第二名。 香港車手林偉鴻駕駛日產Skyline GTR-R34參戰換來一席季軍。 駕駛本田S2000上場的澳門車手林錦新, 獲得C組第一名。

本田Integra DC5s今年再次在澳門電訊房車賽包辦頒獎台的三個席位。 澳門車手陳文峰以49分54.091秒勝出賽事。 原先第二名完事的積薩斯(Eurico De Jesus)被取消資格, 澳門車手麥家樂升上第二名。 盧洪彪以50分04.264秒完成賽事奪得第三名。

Signature Plus車手莫他拿(Edoardo Mortara)勝出「名門世家」澳門格蘭披治大賽車選拔賽, 他將在決賽杆位發車。 莫他拿以超過1秒擊敗對手國本京佑率先衝過終點。 串成車龍的史積特(Robert Streit)獲得第3名。

現年25歲, 蘇格蘭車手伊斯頓(Stuart Easton)首次勝出澳門格蘭披治電單車大賽。 伊斯頓(Stuart Easton)阻止六屆冠軍, 代表Discover Ireland NW200車隊以Ducati 1200電單車出賽的路達(Michael Rutter)破紀錄第七次奪標。 伊斯頓(Stuart Easton)以2.7秒擊敗路達(Michael Rutter)。 澳洲車手當奴(Cameron Donald)在比賽首圈從路達手上搶走領跑地位, 但是他在第五圈遇到機件故障被逼退出比賽。 駕駛Ventaxia UK車隊, 本田戰馬上場的麥堅尼斯(John McGuinness)落後路達30秒獲得第3名。 英國車手積杰斯(James Jakes)在賽事開始時與赫利(Brendon Harley)發生碰撞, 積杰斯(James Jakes)的賽車停在賽道旁邊, 大會發出安全車以便清理賽道。 杆位發車的雲丹姆(Carlo van Dam)在首圈通過文華東方彎時擦過圍牆導致爆胎, 第一圈便退出比賽。

捷成車隊的歐陽若曦, 駕駛保時捷997 GT3 Cup上陣, 以節節領先姿態勝出首次舉行的「名門世家」澳門GT盃。 歐陽若曦是第三次在澳門獲勝。 同樣駕駛保時捷997 GT3 Cup跑車參賽英國車手屈斯(Danny Watts)獲第二名。 日本車手澤圭太, 以他的林寶堅尼Gallardo GT3獲得季軍。 澳門車手艾明達在十圈比賽中不幸遇到機件故障被逼退出比賽。

文奴(Alain Menu)勝出今場國際汽聯世界房車錦標。 而全場焦點梅拿(Yvan Muller), 在今天國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽獲得第三名, 順利登上國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽總冠軍寶座。 他在這場比賽只要不被對手拋離便可贏得總冠軍殊榮, 因為他賽前領先SEAT車隊隊友泰基尼(Gabriele Tarquini)14分。 派奧(Andy Priaulx)在第二圈於葡京彎及加思欄馬路彎成功抵擋雪佛蘭車隊的侯夫(Rob Huff), 最後以0.523秒屈居亞軍。

侯夫(Rob Huff)為雪佛蘭車隊勝出國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽澳門站第二回合, 剛上任的國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽總冠軍車手伊雲‧梅拿(Yvan Muller)獲得亞軍, 剛卸任的世界冠軍派奧(Andy Priaulx)獲第三名。


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